Brainworth is a virtual world in which players move along a path towards their educational or professional goal. They set the targets themselves, and the game-world provides a series of 'levels' between their current and desired skill levels.

At Brainworth, it is our firm belief that neither education nor recruitment have been able to keep up with technological and cultural change. Entire generations are developing an expectation of rich visuals, instant feedback and personalised experiences and this demand has not been satisfied. There is a huge opportunity to improve both education and recruitment by harnessing the power of games and social networking.

The real world has never been about what people can achieve on their own, but what they can build together. It is groups of people, not individuals, who reach great heights, and Brainworth will ensure that people have groupwork and social learning and working built into their understanding of how the world works from before they leave school.

It is our earnest hope that we can transform the process of education by providing a system which will constantly be driving people forward, including well after university. We will offer a service which keeps track of everything people learn, backed up by support from industry to allow the progress each person makes to be tracked to a specific goal, tailored completely to that individual's needs.

We utilise a combination of game mechanics and applied social psychology to keep people engaged, sharing, learning and growing together. Our system does far more than merely provide a series of lectures to listen to or problems to solve – it provides a virtual world where players can login (through Facebook) and not only see how their friends are doing, but interact with them directly. Together, they can solve puzzles which range from basic quick challenges to dedicated and passionate groups of individuals working together to solve real-world problems, all with balanced incentives and strategies to keep people playing and monitor what they do for potential future employment.