This is the first of many posts from the Brainworth Team on exactly what’s going on here in Sydney at Brainworth HQ as we work towards our ultimate goal of helping to reshape the way people engage with their own education and personal development.

On here, you’ll find out what our team thinks about various aspects of our production, get the latest news on our progress, as well as get a deeper understanding of just what drives and motivates us.

We’ve been working on Brainworth for over two years now, and are looking strongly towards a future where we can help educational institutions evolve into what they could be. We aim squarely to aggregate educational content from all around the web, integrating it not just into one place, but into a game world which provides context like no other for the things you will learn.

As we move into late July this year, we’ll be beginning our first closed beta, and need as many people who fit the mould as possible!

So if you’re interested in programming and have some understanding or interest in learning how to program artificial intelligence, and are currently studying at a university level, stick around and visit the signup page to be informed when the beta is ready to kick off.

In the meantime, stay tuned for daily updates from our team – this is only the beginning!