Brainworth is pushing a number of angles with trying to give people a compelling reason to keep on coming back. With drop off rates on almost all online learning platforms through the roof, it bares considering the multitude of methods we have at our disposal which are often underutilised.

Today, we'd like to share with you some of the art we've been working on which will drive one of the until now unmentioned aspects of Brainworth's plan to keep people logging in and learning: narrative.

We've created a set of narratives, some large and some small, which will give the player a reason to keep on going. Stranded on a strange planet, players will advance from node to node, island to island, discovering new portions of our story as they go.

Some of the characters we've started working on already include the scientist (pictured left) and the Colonel (right).

These and many more characters will pop up in the Brainworth world to drive players onward. Small, self-contained plot arcs will be run through within each island, and will tie into a larger plot arc spanning entire courses.

This combines with our three other major tenets for creating an addictive game world. The social integration (which we'll go into more detail about later), the game mechanics and reward systems, which will be woven into the fabric of the game world from the very beginning, and the contextual approach to learning, demonstrated elegantly in our graph, which, incidentally, one of our team found represented as a Lego sculpture (below). Stay tuned for further updates as we get ever closer to launch!