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Brainworth is a browser based educational game environment that seeks to make education as engaging as possible. Our first educational content uses rich games to teach people artifical intelligence programming in python.

Our team is primarily current and former Sydney University programming students and we have run major projects in the past.

Working on a Brainworth project requires a deed of assignment and confidentiality, to comply with our funding conditions. In some cases we may be able to open source some of the material you create.

Major Projects

  • Visual Programming Tool for Python implemented in HTML5
  • HTML5 Client (if you love HTML5. We supply the artwork and graph layout code)
  • Small Educational Game (AI / python programming related, fairly free choice)

Make a Visual Programming Tool for Python, implemented in HTML5

Make a visual programming tool, that outputs valid clean python code. The purpose of this tool is to allow people new to programming to become familiar with the concepts using a point and click or touch based interface. The tool should output python, so later users will be able to work with the code directly.

We will supply our own libraries and open source libraries to allow you to run the python in the browser (via javascript), so  you can provide instant feedback to code that users create.

Take some inspiration from:

Make an HTML5 Client for Brainworth

Some said it can’t be done, some said it’s the only way. Put your HTML5 mettle to the test and rebuild the Brainworth Client in HTML5!

No need to build the graph layout algorithms, we’ll take care of those.

Our current Flash client uses parallax images, dynamic sliding menus, and algorithmically generated artwork (for the vines between the islands). We'll supply you with our code which is ActionScript3 (in the same family as Javascript, so easy to read if you know JS), and you'll need to recreate the app using Javascript and appropriate libraries.

An opportunity to expand your Javascript knowledge on a very clearly defined project, with rich visual assets.

Make a Small Educational Game

Build an HTML5/Javascript based game to teach people to build AI or a Simulator or related concept in python or javascript. The game will connect to our API, and allow people to learn a series of Brainworth islands. (Each island represents a small unit of educational content that would take about 10 minutes to learn).

If you choose to teach people python, we will supply libraries that will let you run python in the browser via javascript.

The game only needs to run on Chrome for now, and be able to run on Safari/Firefox later (ie. use web standards and just test on Chrome).

If you do a great job we'll supply artists, actors, etc. to make everything more impressive.

The game should teach students how to make one of the following, (or we can discuss an alternative).

Programming Skills

  • Introductory Python
  • Introductory Javascript

Statistical Models

  • classification, or other AI related topics

Animal Simulator

Cellular Automata

Game AIs

  • Poker bot
  • Chess AI
  • Go (just kidding)

Game Game (Gameception)

  • Teach people how to make a Brainworth game, with a game

Chat Bot

  • Teach people the programming an NLP (natural language processing) skills to produce a bot that can appear human.

Physics Simulator/Puzzle

  • space (eg. planets, etc.)

Facial Recognition

  • web cam jokes - make someone wear a hat, etc.
  • auto tag photos

Some programming related games to inspire you

  • LightBot 2.0