This is just a little bit of a sneak peek for readers of our blog, but the new look Brainworth site (which we've blogged about previously here) is going to be a full redesign ahead of our beta launch, including a brand new logo.

Simple, bold and elegant, our new logo is designed to represent progression, intelligence and interactivity.

Those who aren't new to this blog will recognise the little shapes in the centre of the circle as being rather similar to our in-game islands or 'nodes'. This, as well as their hierarchical structure is meant to reflect the nature of the game world's graph layout, while at the same time pointing distinctly up.

Part of the inspiration from the logo came from an elevator button. The tactile, metallic surface of an elevator button reminds us of something which visually appears interactive.

Our logo is meant to do the same. We want people to feel like it's a pressable button, and that doing so will make them go somewhere.

At the same time, we don't think it's a bad idea to have that subtle nod to our Australian heritage - the node shapes in the circle line up to be starkly familiar to those of you who've ever thrown a boomerang before.

Stay tuned - there's much more to come!