The game world in Brainworth is designed to flourish and teem with life. Our fictional world has seen many iterations over time, with our gradual move from the most basic concept of an airborne view of a lush environment gradually taking inspiration from panoramic views of foggy mountaintops, sweeping vistas and violently lush waterfalls.

From the few images below, you can get an idea of where we're going with the background art from Brainworth. One of the drives which must reside in each of our players is an affinity to the game world which will allow them to feel a genuine sense of pride each time one of our nodes flourishes.

As each node flowers and joins the vibrant blue background and the presence of the barren, brown nodes is reduced, players feel a sense of completion as the islands fall into sync with the gorgeous backdrops we've created.

Along the way, we were looking at the world in a few different ways. To see where we finally ended up, check out the video on our home page.