This weekend, several of us went in to Brainworth HQ to get started on the more playful side of the project - filming in-game tutorial videos.

All shall be revealed in time, but we can say that each 'node' (the islands) will have its own hand-made tutorial video. We had a crew and actors descend upon our green screen room on Saturday and got 20 islands worth of content done (and miraculously it was done on schedule - a feat which any of you involved in film at all should consider awe-inspiring).

It was amazing to see the actors bringing out in-game characters (check out the concept art for them here) to life, with the work on the costumes being particularly cool.

So our first unit, the Snake AI set of islands, is now in post-production and ramping up quite nicely. We've many more places to go with these videos, but as we rapidly approach our first beta, it's incredible to watch each facet of Brainworth come together like this, especially in such a physical way.

Stay tuned, as we reveal more on our characters and story in future blog posts. Brainworth team out!