Are Drones Being Used to Deliver Packages?

With the advancement in technology, new generations of the plane-sized autonomous delivery vehicles are highly capable of carrying products across miles. Normally, these drones are called as the cargo drones for ensuring the complete strategy in more innovative aspects. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs could also be used as the Delivery drones as it has the capability for delivering lightweight products from across the different locations.
AR and VR

What are the differences between AR and VR?

Both Augmented and Virtual Reality are the most popular and disruptive technologies. They can change the entire way of how community, interact with and see your world. They are well-recognized worldwide for its innovative solutions and applications. It is the main reason why people want to know the difference between AR and VR.

Do Wireless Chargers Ruin Your Battery?

Wireless charging is highly convenient because it can eliminate the trouble of plugging your smartphone into the cable. Nowadays most of the people prefer to use these kinds of the charger. Wireless charging isn’t new. First of all, wireless charging is slow, so it can also take a long time to charge the phone.
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